My thanks to Iris Barton who provided the information on other members of the Stallard Family, and the personal history of Mary Matilda Bonner and Charles William Stallard.


Daniel is the first Stallard in my line, I don't know where or when he was born. He turns up mysteriously when he marries Jane Piper at Kingsclere in Hampshire on 17th February 1866. He was a Labourer but could sign his name and he said his father was George a Carter. The marriage certificate is a bit of a puzzle, the clerk put is name as Daniel Solliard and his father as George Solliard, but Daniel signed his name D. Stallard. The banns also state the name Solliard, and both he and Jane were living in Kingsclere.

The following year their son Charles William was born on 24th August 1867, they had moved to Grove Road, Iselworth, Daniel was working at the near by Powder Mills as a Labourer. Charles William was baptised at Houndslow. From here I can find out no more information about the family. They were supposed to have gone to China, taking the young Charles with them. They died on the return voyage, and Charles was brought back and went to stay with relatives.


Charles William was the only child I believe of Daniel Stallard and Jane Piper, he was born at Grove Road, Isleworth on 24th August 1867 and baptised at Hounslow on 29th September 1867. Charles was taken by his parents to China (so the family stories tell us) they died of disease on the voyage home, Charles was taken to live with his mother's sister Annie Maria Piper and her husband Nicholas Smeeth. I found them on the 1881 census for Dogmersfield, address Private House, Nicholas Smeeth, head, age 34, Agricultural Labourer, born Lower Froyle. Annie Maria Smeeth, wife, age 29, born Kingsclere. Charles William Stallard, nephew, age 13, born Hounslow. 10 years later the family have moved to Ash Street, Ash, Surrey. The 1891 census shows Nicholas and Annie Smeeth now have 2 children, Bertram age 6, and Matilda age 2, and Charles Stalard age 23 a general labourer. Charles William must have made frequent trips to Rowledge the other side of Farnham, where he met Mary Matilda Bonner, who was staying with her uncle William Charles Bonner.

They married at Rowledge church on 5th March 1892, and the reception was held in William Bonner's Pub, so the family tell me. Charles gave his profession as Gardener, he was 24 years old and Mary was 22 years old. Charles worked for Colonel Glueny who had a large house called Fairview, College Lane, Ash Common. He was the coachman and gardener, and Colonel Glueny went abroad for a few years leaving the young couple to look after the house whilst he was away. Their first child Alice Maud was born 1893 followed 3 years later by Ellen Mary born in 1896. Tilly's (as Mary Matilda became known) next pregnancy was twins Charles William and Arthur Nicholas were born 2nd April 1898. The Colonel returned and the family moved to their own house, 1 Fairview Villas, Alexandra Road, Ash. Bertrum James was born 1900, Caroline Violet was born 1903, Leonard was born 1905, Minnie was born 1907 and Florence Ruby was born 1912. I wonder how they coped in the small house they lived in.

Charles William always went to visit the Smeeths with some of his children on Sunday mornings, even though they didn't treat him very well as child. Charles died age 63 of Liver Cancer on 4th April 1931. He worked up to his death as a cleaner at the Bus Company.


Arthur Nicholas was the 4th child and the younger of twin of Charles William Stallard and Mary Matilda Bonner. He was born 4th April 1898 at 12pm at Fairview, College Lane, Ash Common. shortly after the family moved to 1 Fairview Villa's in Alexandra Road, Ash. Arthur left school age 11, he played truant so often they forgot about him, and there were no school inspectors in the area to do anything about it. Arthur and his twin brother Charles and younger brother Bertrum served on the H.M.S. Centurion during World War 1.

A new girl came to live next door Phyllis Margaret Sercombe from Devon. Arthur fell in love and they married at Farnham Register Office on 26th February 1921, it seems that Phyllis Margaret was pregnant at the time. Phyllis Margaret was always known as Margaret. Their first child Josephine Mary was born 22nd June 1921. The family moved to 2 Oak Villa's, Victoria Road, Farnborough, which later became 26 Victoria Road. Arthur Charles was born 20th June 1925, Betty Patricia was born 23rd July 1929, Raymond Trevor was born 7th May 1932, David Lawrence was born 24th March 1934, Wendy Ann was born 28th August 1937, and Elizabeth Maureen was born 24th January 1940.

Arthur worked for a Fruit and Vegetable Co. delivering for them, he also had an allotment during the war, the children were expected to help, and he also did work picking crops for a local Farm in Cove. The House was a happy house, it was always full of people, not just family but friends as well, if you were there at meal times including late night supper the table was full of food and you were invited to stay and eat. Arthur like his father was one of the rare people who never seemed to get angry or cross with anyone, he was well liked by all and would always help people if he could. He died age 62 on 5th may 1960. He is buried at Ship Lane Cemetary, Farnborough.

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Published in the Friday Newspaper May 13th 1960

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