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This list of Scanes families has been compiled using the IGI for Devon and 1851 census for Devon, I have also added information from the 1881 census where I can, all produced by the Church of Latter Day Saints. Please bear in mind that a certain amount of guess work is involved, so please check against parish records for accuracy. I welcome any corrections and additions to this list.

KEY: IGI & other notes: 1841 census: 1851 census: 1861 census: 1871 census: 1881 census: 1891 census:

ALPHINGTON FAMILIES ( no Scanes families were living at Alphington in 1851)

Thomas Skanes married ?. Children: Joan bap. 7th June 1716.

Charles Skanes married Sarah Cutteford/Cuteford on 13th June 1731.

Charles Skanes married Rachel Hamlin on 20th July 1735 at Alphington. Children: William bap. 14th August 1743, Robert bap. January 1746, Richard bap. 30th January 1748, Hannah bap. 24th November 1751, Mary bap. 26th August 1753.

John Scanes married Allice Mayne on 7th November 1756 at Alphington. Children: Henry bap. 28th September 1757, Alice bap. 29th November 1759, John bap. 26th November 1761, Thomas bap. 5th November 1764, Mary bap. 18th January 1767, Sarah bap. 15th March 1769, Henry bap. 19th May 1773.

Charles Scanes married ?. Children: Hester bap. 2nd April 1769

Mary Scanes married Thomas Rippon on 29th October 1775.

Richard Scanes married M. Children: Richard bap. 12th May 1776. see St Edmunds.

Two children with no parents names. Eleanor & William both baptised 26th December 1777.

Richard Scanes married Susannah Sercombe at Dunsford 27th April 1785. Children: Elizabeth bap. 29th December 1785, Susannah bap. 19th December 1787, Sarah bap. 22nd July 1790.

Thomas Scanes married Elizabeth Coles on 19th December 1787 at Alphington. Children: Alice bap. 5th November 1788, John bap. 2nd November 1790, Elizabeth bap. 25th December 1791, Sarah bap. 5th March 1793, Thomas bap. 24th May 1795, Mary bap. 13th November 1796, Charles bap. December 1798, Charles bap. 7th August 1803, Mary bap. 27th October 1805, Henry bap. 21st January 1810.

William Scanes married Susannah Simmons married on 28th August 1775 at Alphington. Children: William bap. 19th May 1776.

William Scanes married Elizabeth Ford on 13th March 1804 at Alphington. Children: John bap. January or June 1805 See Ide, Elizabeth bap. 9th August 1807, William bap. 4th March 1810, Sophia bap. January 1812, William bap. 2nd December 1815, Elizabeth bap. 18th July 1819, Thomas bap. May 1823, Ellen Susan bap. 22nd May 1825, George bap. 15th November 1829.

Charles Scanes married Mary. Children: Sarah bap. 6th April 1763, Charles bap. 24th March 1765, James bap. 30th January 1767, John bap. August 1772.

William Scanes married Mary. Children: Thomas bap. 12th September 1766.

Robert Scanes married Mary. Children: Elizabeth bap. 11th March 1770, Isabella bap. 30th June 1771, Samuel bap. 2nd August 1772.

Adrian J Scanes son of John and Mary A Scanes. (see Ide).1881 census - Adrian J Scanes age 42, Baker, born Ide. wife Mary A age 41, born Exminster. daughter Charlotte age 14, born Torquay. son John age 12, scholar, born Torquay. Henry age 9, scholar, born Exeter. daughter Lucy age 8, scholar, born Exeter. son William age 6, scholar, born Exeter. son Frederick age 5, scholar, born Exeter. daughter Annie age 3, born Exeter. Living at The Main Street Bakers Shop, Alphington. 1891 census - Adrian J Scanes age 52, Baker, born Ide. Mary A his wife, age 51, Baker's Assistant, born Exminster. Charlotte his daughter, age 24, Dressmaker, born Torquay. Henry his son, age 19, Baker, born Exeter. Lucy his daughter, age 18, Baker, born Exeter. Frederick his son, age 15, Baker, born Exeter. Annie his daughter, age 13, Scholar, born Exeter. Amy his daughter, age 8, Scholar, born Alphington. Charles his son, age 6, Scholar, born Alphington. William his son, age 16, Apprentice, born Exeter.

 William Scanes 1841 census - William Scanes age 60, Tailor. Francis Scanes age 35. Eleanor Scanes age 5 months.

ASHCOMBE FAMILIES ( no Scanes families in 1851)

Mary Scanes. Children: William bap. 22nd November 1818.

1881 census - William Scanes age 60, Gardener, born Ashcombe, Devon. son William Scanes age 18, Plumbers Labourer, born Acton, Middlesex. Living at 3 Phoenix Yard, St Marylebone, London.


Margery Scane married William Kenycke on 18th November 1549.



Eleanor Skanes married William Sanders on 23rd October 1755.



Elizabetha Skaines married Nicholaus Fletcher on 31st January 1621.

John Scaynes married Jane Bowden on 20th September 1662.

Alice Skanes married William Rennit on 27th November 1671.

Dewns Skaines married John Baker on 2nd September 1674.



Jane Scanes baptised 3rd January 1675, no parents listed.

Elizabeth Scanes married Robert Evans on 25th October 1771.

Betty Scanes married Thomas Lowton on 1st March 1807.

Catherine Scanes married Abraham Pean on 10th November 1811.



Nycholas Skane married Jane Takye on 20th September 1578.

John Skane married Elizabeth Leach on 3rd June 1585. Children: Catherine bap. 14th May 1597, Edward bap. 15th June 1601, other children may be included in list under John Skane.

John Skane married Anne Wyatt on 10th February 1588. Children may be included in list under John Skane.

John Skane Children: John bap. 19th May 1589, Stephen bap. 1st June 1591, Ann bap. 12th December 1629, John bap. 21st July 1632, Honer bap. 27th December 1677.

Jane Skane married Peter Hardinge on 11th May 1590.

Anne Skane married William Byckeforde on 27th November 1592.

Christian Skane married Hewhe Yeabe/Yeabsley? on 3rd June 1602.

Elizabeth Skane married Humfrey Stephen on 21st February 1609.

John Skane married Johane. Children: Jane bap. 22nd August 1613.

John Skane married Agnes. Children: Henry bap. 27th August 1637.

John Scane married Mary. Children: Elizabeth bap.19th October 1684.

Agnes Skain married James Hosegood on 1st December 1706.



John Skanes: Children Elinor Skanes bap. 19th October 1692.

Henry Scanes married Elizabeth Martyn on 13th October 1834 at Holy Trinity Exeter. Children baptisted at Broad Clyst: Elizabeth Mary bap. 12th August 1835, Charlotte bap. 27th September 1837, Henry John bap. 13th March 1840, Samuel Tuck bap. 27th July 1842. 1851 census - Henry Scanes age 40, Farmer of 90 Acres, employing 4 labourers, born at Ide. wife Elizabeth age 33, born Broadclist. daughter Elizabeth M age 15, scholar, daughter Charlotte age 13, scholar. son Henry age 11, scholar. son Samuel T age 9, scholar. servant Mary Pratt age 17, House Servant (Farm) born Bradninch. servant James Pollard age 21, Farm Servant, born Broadclist. Living at Trow Farm, St Thomas, Broadclist.

Henry John Scanes son of Henry Scanes and Elizabeth Martyn. 1881 census - Henry John Scanes age 42, Farmer of 180 acres employing 2 men and 1 boy. born Broad Clyst, wife Ann age 50, born Broad Clyst, step son William Mandley age 26, Farmers son, born Broad Clyst. Servant George James age 14, Indoor Farm Servant, born Broad Clyst. Living at Quicks, Broad Clyst.


.....? Scanes married Priscilla Mudge 1871 census - John Mudge, age 63, Engine Driver, born at Christow, Susannah Mudge, wife, age 60, born at Christow, Priscilla Scanes, daughter, widow, age 38, born at Christow, Emma Mudge, daughter, age 11, Scholar, born at Christow, Sidney S Scanes, grandson, age 1, born at Christow.


Elizeus Scanne married ?. Children: Elizeus bap. 25th March 1598.

1881 census - Charles Scanes age 36, Shoe Maker, born Crediton. his wife Mary A. age 36, born Crediton. daughter Bessie age 11, scholar, born Crediton. daughter of Emma age 7, scholar, born Crediton. Living at Threshers, Crediton.



All Hallows on the walls

Jane Skanes married Robert Read on 1st January 1698.

Susan Scanes. Children: Joseph Henry Dark bap. 27th January 1811.

Alexander Pleace Scanes married Maryann/Marianne. Children: Mary Ann bap. 13th February 1834, George William bap. 26th February 1836, Thomas Place bap. 7th August 1837. Mary A. born 1840, John born 1842, Margaret born 1848, Eliza born 1850. 1851 census - Alexander Scanes age 44, Cabinet Maker (workman). wife Mary A. age 40. son George age 15, Cabinet Maker (Ap). son Thomas age 13, scholar. daughter Mary A age 11. scholar. son John age 9, scholar. daughter Margaret age 3, daughter Eliza age 1. living at Garden Square Entrance, All Hallows Goldsmith Street, Exeter.

Bartholomew Street Particular or Calvinistic Baptist

William Scanes married Ann More. Birth: Sarah Webber 17th July 1836.

St David

Isett Scanes baptised at St David Exeter on 7th September 1606, no parents given.

Thomas Skanes married ? Children baptised at St David Exeter: Eliz bap. 13th December 1677, Mary bap. 13th May 1680.

Elizabeth Scanes married John Hooper on 19th February 1806.

Charles Scanes married Ann Ledger on 2nd June 1791 at St Petrock Exeter. Children: baptised at St John Exeter. Mary Ann bap. 10th January 1792, John Ledger bap. 5th January 1794. baptised at St Kerrian Exeter. Sarah Ledger bap. 29th October 1797, Charles bap. 25th December 1800, Rebecca bap. 2nd October 1803. baptised at St David Exeter: Elizabeth bap. 15th June 1806, John Ledger bap. 1st December 1811.

Alice Scanes married William Templer on 1st January 1810.

John Scanes married Sarah. Children baptised at St David Exeter: Jane bap. 17th December 1813.

Thomas Scanes married Charlotte Green on 24th September 1826 at St Pancras Exeter, Children baptised at St David. Thomas bap. 25th December 1829, Edwin bap. 21st March 1830, Charles Henry bap. 28th October 1832 (at St Paul). Charlotte Marianne bap. 16th November 1834, Caroline bap. 9th April 1837.

Robert Scanes married Susannah Screetch on 19th May 1834 at St David Exeter. Children: Robert John bap 2nd August 1835. 1851 Census - Robert Scanes age 40 Carpenter Journeyman, wife Susan age 40, son Robert age 15, Errand boy, daughter Charlotte age 12, Nurse Servant, & mother in law Elizabeth Reed age 71, Fish Monger Dealer. Living at Exe Street Opposite the Cemetery, St David Exeter. 1881 census see below.

Robert John Scanes son of Robert Scanes and Susannah Screetch. 1881 census - Robert J. Scanes age 45, married, Joiner. son William R. age 20, Shopman. son Robert T. age 15, daughter Louisa age 13, scholar, daughter Annie age 11, scholar. Lodger (Father) Robert Scanes age 70, Joiner. Lodger (Mother) Susannah Scanes age 70. Living at Butlands Court, St David Exeter.

William Scanes married Emily. Children baptised at St David Exeter: William Charles bap. 19th November 1837.

St Edmunds

Mary Scanes married Samuel Avery on 14th February 1776.

Richard Scanes married Fanny. Children baptised at St Edmunds Exeter: Jemima bap. 2nd January 1780, Fanny bap. 25th August 1784.

Richard Scanes married Elizabeth Davy on 5th May 1799 at St Edmunds Exeter. Children: Elizabeth bap. 3rd November 1799, Richard bap. 29th November 1801, Charlotte bap. 5th August 1804, Philip Robert bap. 28th September 1806, Richard bap. 17th April 1808, Charlotte bap. 10th April 1814, Richard bap. 21st April 1816, Mary Ann bap. 11th April 1819. (see Alphington for Richard's parents) 1851 Census - Richard Scanes a Joiner age 75, wife Elizabeth age 75, unmarried daughter Elizabeth age 51, unmarried daughter Mary age 28, living at St Ann's Chaple Alms Houses, St Sidwell Exeter.

Eliza Scanes married Jacob Oxenham on 18th February 1828.

Elizabeth Scanes married Charles Richards on 16th November 1829.

Sophia Scanes married Jacob Oxenham on 9th June 1834.

1851 census - William Scanes age 46, Journeyman Glazier, born Ide. wife Mary age 45, Seamstress, born St Thomas. daughter Emma age 19, at home, born Exeter. son Phillip age 16, Porter, born Exeter. daughter Charlotte age 9, scholar, born Exeter. daughter Ellen age 6, born Exeter. son William age 2, born Exeter. Lodger John Tothill age 21, Journeyman Coach Painter, born Exeter. Living at Hicks Court, St Edmund, Exeter.

1881 census - Philip Scanes age 42, Sawyer, born Exeter. his wife Martha age 41, Laundress, born Exeter. son Henry age 16, Grocers Errand Boy, born Exeter. son James age 10, scholar, born Exeter. son William age 5, scholar, born Exeter. Living at Bonhay Road Strongs Cottages, St Edmund, Exeter.

St George

Mary Scanes married Richard Brealy on 6th July 1836.

Holy Trinity

Mary Scanes married William Conaway on 21st April 1823.

Henry Scanes married Elizabeth Martyn on 13th October 1834.

William Scanes son of Henry Scanes and Elizabeth Tuck married Eliza Dey on 26th December 1836.

St John

Elizabeth Skanes. Children: Elizabeth bap. 13th March 1716.

Charles Scanes married Ann. (see St David) Children baptised at St John Exeter: Mary Ann bap. 10th January 1792, John Ledger bap. 5th January 1794.

St Kerrian

William Scanes married Ephrah (Aphrah) (see St Thomas) Children baptised at St Kerrian: Mary bap. 3rd October 1779, Rachel bap. 4th February 1781.

Charles Scanes married Ann (see St David) Children baptised at St Kerrian: Sarah Ledger bap. 29th October 1797, Charles bap. 25th December 1800, Rebecca bap. 2nd October 1803.

Mary Ann Scanes married Joseph Bass Finch on 10th March 1816.

St Lawrence

Mary Skanes married David Willcoxe on 24th August 1673.

St Leonard

Elenor Scanes married Joseph Presswell on 4th August 1799.

St Martin

Grace Scaynes married James Halce on 4th February 1640.

Richard Skanes married Susan Sims on 15th April 1640.

Jane Scanes married Thomas M Namara on 31st January 1803.

1881 census - Walter Scanes age 25, Bookseller, born Exeter. wife Emma J. age 26, born Exeter. son Walter age 4, born Exeter. son Alfred age 3, born Exeter. Servant Bessie Leach age 16, born Morchard Bishop. Living at Cathedral Yard, St Martin Exeter.

St Mary Arches

Charles Scanes married Mary Meddle on 10th June 1756.

Sarah Scanes married Nicholas Rhodes on 11th November 1793.

John Scanes married Elizabeth. Children baptised at St Mary Arches: George bap. 5th February 1826.

St Mary Major

Charles Scaines married Mary. Children baptised at St Mary Major Exeter: Isabella bap. 15th September 1765, Anna Maria bap. 29th March 1767,

William Scaines married Mary. Children baptised at St Mary Major Exeter: Joseph bap. 16th March 1773, Elizabeth bap. 23rd April 1775, Charles bap. 22nd February 1777,

Richard Scaines married Frances. Children baptised at St Mary Major: Mary bap. 23rd January 1774. (possibly same family as in St Edmunds ?).

Anna Maria Scanes married John Mayo on 8th April 1792.

Sarah Scanes married Stephen Physick on 22nd May 1792.

Susannah Scanes married Robert Spicer on 2nd November 1817.

William Scanes married Mary Pick on 12th February 1827.

Mary Scanes married Joseph Gloyen on 2nd July 1827.

John Scanes married Elizabeth. Children baptised at St Mary Major: Mary Ann bap. 12th Jan 1835.

Elizabeth Scanes married Charles Bickell on 21st March 1836.

William Scanes married Emilia.(possibly Amelia, see St Pancras). Children baptised at St Mary Major: Emma bap. 1st May 1836. I think I have found Amelia on the 1881 census, 1881 census - Arthur D Shea age 38, Railway Clerk, born Ireland. wife Louisa age 38, born Exeter. mother in law Amelia Scanes age 68, Retired Publican, born Exeter. Niece Victoria E Scanes age 11, born London. visitor John F Baum aged 45, Public Caterer Eating House Keeper born Liverpool. visitor Rosie Baun age 24, born Liverpool. visitor Eva Baum age 3, born London. visitor James H Sutcliffe age 20, Solicitors Articled Clerk, born Blackburn Lancashire. Living at 58 Gibson Square, Islington, London.

George Scanes married Elizabeth ?. 1851 census - Coombe Street, St Mary Major Exeter. George Scanes age 25, Brushmaker born Exeter, wife Elizabeth age 20, Dressmaker, daughter Mary Ann age 1 born Exeter. 1881 census - George Scanes age 65, Brush Maker, born Exeter. wife Elizabeth age 50, born Exeter. son George age 16, Porter, born London, daughter Louisa age 14, born London, son John age 9, scholar, born St Pancras, London. Living at 134 Cleveland Street, St Pancras, London. (despite the 10 year difference, I think these two families are the same).

1851 census - Sarah Scanes widow age 25, Tailoress, born Exeter, son Henry age 2, born Exeter.

St Olave

Thomas Scanes married Jone. Children: Henry bap. 17th July 1687.

Charles Scanes married Mary. Children: Charles bap. 23rd July 1759.

James Scanes married Mary. Children: Edwin bap. 7th September 1823.

St Pancras

James Scanes married Mary Raddaway on 4th August 1822.

Thomas Scanes married Charlotte Green on 24th September 1826. (see St David for children).

William Scanes married Amelia Lang on 30th November 1835. (see St Mary Major for possible child).

St Paul

William Scanes married Mary. Children baptised at St Paul Exeter. Sydney bap. 21st July 1833, Charles bap. 28th July 1833, Philip bap. 23rd August 1835. (see St Edmunds for 1851 census)

St Peter Cathedral

Joan Skanes married Nicholas Payne on 23rd November 1736.

St Petrock

William Scanes married Susannah Shilston on 24th September 1726.

Charles Scanes married Ann Ledger on 2nd June 1791. (see St David Exeter for family)

St Sidwell

John Scanes married Grace Briant on 10th December 1668

John Skanes married ?. Children baptised at St Sidwell. Susanna bap. 12th May 1672, Thomas bap. 16th May 1675, Jane bap. 24th February 1677.

John Skanes married Mary. Children baptised at St Sidwell. Elizabeth bap. 5th November 1695, Ann bap. 23rd May 1698, John bap. 21st January 1700.

Elezebeth Skanes married Stepen Tophel on 1st August 1716.

John Scanes married Mary Jenkens on 26th August 1723

Mary Skanes married Valentine Baker on 4th November 1750

Sarah Scanes married Samuel Drake on 31st July 1799

Mary Ann Scanes. Children: Edmund Gardner bap. 28th February 1810.

Thomas Scanes married Elizabeth Dambrell on 11th May 1819 at St Sidwell. Children: Thomas bap. 3rd October 1819, James bap. 6th February 1833. 1851 census - Elizabeth Scanes widow age 52, retired plumber, daughter Elizabeth age 21, Stationer, born St Thomas, son James age 18, Plumber. Living at 48 Sidwell Exeter.

Thomas Scanes son of Thomas Scanes & Elizabeth Dambrell (above) married Leah . 1851 census - Thomas Scanes age 31, Plumber & Brass Founder, his wife Leah, age 30, dressmaker, born at Ottery St Mary. Living at 67 St Sidwell Exeter. Children Thomas Henry born 1852, Elizabeth born 1853. 1881 census - Leah R Scanes widow, age 61, dressmaker, born Ottery St Mary. daughter Elizabeth E Scanes age 28, dressmaker. grandchild Frederick Scanes age 7, scholar. lodger Jane Pinn age 80 gentlewoman born Ottery St Mary. Living at 19 Longbrook St, St David, Exeter.

Thomas Henry Scanes son of Thomas Scanes & Leah, married Frances Sophia Williams. Children: Frederick born 1874, Robert H, born 1880, Sidney J, born 1881, Thomas H, born 1884, Bessie J, born 1885, Charles Edwin born 1887, Harry born 1888. 1881 census - Thomas Henry Scanes age 29, Compositor, his wife Frances Sophia age 30 born Stephens Square, Hackney. son Robert Henry age 1, son Sydney James age 4 months, visitor Mary Clapp age 15, dressmaker born Bow, Cornwall. Living at 152 Sidwell Street, Exeter.  1891 census - 26 Chute St. St Sidwell: Thomas H Scanes age 39, Compositor, his wife Sophia F Scanes age 40, his son Frederick age 17, Railway Engine Cleaner, his son Robert H age 11, Scholar, his son Sidney J age 10, Scholar, his son Thomas H age 7, Scholar, his daughter Bessie J age 6, Scholar, his son Charles E age 4, Scholar, his son Harry age 3, Scholar, his Mother in law Elizabeth Williams, widow age 76. (Family of Researcher Tracey Browning and her mother Carol Cummings).

James Scanes son of Thomas Scanes & Elizabeth Dambrell married Mary. 1891 census - 20 Clifton Street, St Sidwell: James Scanes age 58, Plumber, his wife Mary age 49, his son Thomas age 19, Railway Stoker.

Mary Scanes. Children: Jane bap. 14th March 1813

Sarah Scanes married Robert S...kham on 27th February 1820

William Scanes married Elizabeth. Children baptised at St Sidwell. Rosa bap. 26th July 1834, Jassy bap. 20th March 1836. Also ? George bap. 4th December 1831 (at St Thomas the Apostle).

1881 census - Thomas Scanes age 44, Tailor, born Exeter. wife Sarah age 46, born Boughton Monchalay, Kent. son William age 8, scholar, born Exeter. Living at 60 Parr Street, St Sidwell, Exeter.

St Stephen

Richard Scanes married Fanny Escott on 22nd November 1772.

John Scanes married Sarah. Children: John Hooper bap. 13th August 1809.

St Thomas the Apostle

Mary Scanes married William Searle on 18th May 1774.

William Scanes married Aphra Drake on 17th August 1779 at St Paul Exeter. Children baptised at St Kerrian Exeter. Mary bap. 3rd October 1779, Rachel bap. 4th February 1781. baptised at St Thomas the Apostle, Grace bap. 30th March 1783, Ann bap. 29th August 1784, John bap. 17th May 1786.

John Scanes son of William Scanes & Aphra Drake, married Caroline ? 1851 census - John Scanes age 64, Retired Builder. his wife Caroline age 59, born Brixam. his sister Rachel Scanes age 70. Lodger Nevilla Thomas age 50, born London. Servant Susan Cornish age 21, House Servant, born Doddiscombe. Living at Cowick Street, St Thomas Exeter. 1861 census - Cowick St. John Scanes, head, age 76, retired Builder, born at St Thomas, Catherine Scanes, wife, age 69, retired Governess, born at Brixham, Emma .....?, Servant, age 17, Servant, born at ........? (this film was not easy to read)

Thomas Scanes married Ann Buzzacott on 9th February 1792 at St Thomas the Apostle. Children: Mary Ann bap. 14th June 1792, Eliza bap. 27th June 1794, Thomas Pleace bap. 22nd March 1797, Eliza Reed bap. 9th May 1799, Eliza Plaice bap. 10th January 1802, Margaret Edward bap. 28th February 1804, Alexander Plaice bap. 16th July 1807 (married Mary A. see All Hallows), George William bap. 1st January 1811. (the names of the children would suggest different families, I leave this up to you to decide). Ann in 1851 was a widow age 79, working as a Gardener?.

Thomas Pleace Scanes son of Thomas Scanes & Ann Buzzacott married Hannah ?. 1851 census - Thomas Scanes age 54, Builder born St Thomas, his wife Hannah age 42, born Alphington. Living at Cowick St, St Thomas Exeter.

Thomas Scanes married Elizabeth. Children baptised at St Thomas the Apostle. William bap. 25th February 1802 ?, Elizabeth bap. 30th March 1823, Emma bap. 8th January 1826.

Mary Scanes. Children: Thomas bap. 5th July 1813.

Mary Scanes married Thomas Anstey on 5th July 1813

John Scanes married Margaret Rippon on 20th October 1813 at St Thomas the Apostle. Children: Margaret bap. 18th June 1815, Henry bap. 23rd November 1817, John bap. 12th August 1821.

John Scanes married Mary. Children baptised at St Thomas the Apostle: Mary bap. 10th April 1814.

William Scanes married Ann Elizabeth Trefowne (Trithowne) on 22nd January 1821 at Topsham. Children baptised at St Thomas the Apostle: Mary bap. 1st July 1821. 1851 Census - St Sidwell, William Scanes age 48, Coachmaker born St Thomas, wife Elizabeth age 47, born Topsham, daughter Jessy age 14, Domestic Servant born St Sidwells, son Frank age 13, Errand Boy, born St Sidwell, daughter Hannah age 10, scholar, born St Sidwell. The family emigrated to Australia in 1855, and settled in Yass NSW. This family is mentioned by Malcolm Scanes in his account of how his ancestor another William Scanes arrived in Australia)

Grace Scanes married William Hewett on 29th September 1824.

Margaret Scanes married John Perrey on 31st January 1829.

1881 census - C.W. Scanes age 24, Waggoner, born at St Thomas Exeter. wife M.A. age 24, born Stoke Canon, daughter Susan age 2, born Exeter. daughter Lucy H. age 3 months, born St Thomas Exeter. Living at Rackfield, St Thomas, Exeter.



Robert Scanes married Mary Stile on 29th March 1769.

Isabella Scanes married William Pearce on 6th May 1790.

Mary Scanes. Children: William Scanes bap. 8th December 1805.

William Scanes married Harriett, 1841 census- Exminster village, William Scanes age 35, agricultural labourer, his wife Harriett aged 25, daughter Harriett age 7, daughter Jane age 4, daughter Mary age 2, Benjamin Anilge? age 75, pauper, his wife Mary age 75, Mary Smale age 65. 1851 census- William age 48 Agricultural Labourer, his wife Harriett age 37, daughter Ann age 11, son William age 8 scholar, son Henry age 5 scholar. Living at Church House, St Thomas, Exminster.

Charles Scanes married Isabella, 1871 census - Charles Scanes age 37, Canal Labourer, born at Exminster, Isabella, wife, age 37, born at Dawlish, Isabella, daughter, age 2 months, born at Exminster.


John Skaines married Elizabeth. Children: Grace bap. 12th September 1638, Marie bap. 30th May 1641.



Christopher Skanes married Mary. Children: Daniel bap. 29th November 1659.

Samuell Skanes married Mary. Children: Samuell bap. 18th July 1686.



Richard Scanes married Jane or Joan?, Children John baptised 19th July 1767, Joseph baptised 29th March 1769, Richard baptised 5th November 1770, Sarah baptised 3rd July 1775.

Richard Scanes married Ann Quicke at Ide 11th June 1793. Children John baptised 29th November 1794, Elizabeth baptised 16th August 1795, Ann baptised 9th April 1798, Charles baptised 8th June 1800, Mary baptised 3rd March 1803, William baptised 12th August 1804, Sarah baptised 27th May 1806, Thomas Quick baptised 21st March 1808, Rebecca baptised 22nd March 1812.

Richard Scanes died aged 49 at St Mary Major, Exeter. buried at Ide 7th January 1821

John Scanes was born at Ide 1794, son of Richard & Ann Scanes. 1851 census - John Scanes widow age 56, a Cooper. living at Coombe street, St Mary Major Exeter. 

William Skaines married Mary. Children Samuel Arthur baptised 24th February 1793.

Richard Scanes married Elizabeth. Children Rhoda baptised 12th March 1810 at Ide.

William Scanes married Anne Hore at Ide on 7th June 1815. William was a Carpenter. Children, Ann baptised 1st December 1816, but sadly died and was buried at Ide 15th April 1817 aged 4 months. Edward baptised 14th December 1817, Anna baptised 28th February 1819. Elizabeth born 7th December 1820, baptised 14th January 1821, Mary who was privately baptised on 9th July 1822 and then baptised later in the church 22nd December 1822, Caroline baptised 2nd May 1824, Frances baptised 2nd July 1826.

John Scanes son of William Scanes and Elizabeth Ford was born at Alphington 1805 see Alphington, John married Julia Nicholes from Ide, on 16th November 1829. Children, Julia Thirza baptised 26th December 1830, Maria Nicholes baptised 14th April 1831, John Nicholes baptised at Ide on 29th April 1833. Eliza baptised at Ide 7th March 1837. William Henry baptised 7th April 1838.  1841 census- Ide Village, John Scanes age 35, Pork Butcher, his wife Julia age 30, daughter Julia age 10, daughter Maria age 9, son John age 7, son William age 7 months.  1851 census - John Scanes age 46, a Pork Butcher, his wife Julia age 44, daughter Julia age 21, a dressmaker born at Newton Abbott. daughter Maria age 19, a Milliner, born at Ide, son John age 17, a Pork Butcher, born at Ide, son William H age 10 a scholar, son Thomas H. age 8 a scholar, daughter Victoria M age 5 a scholar. Living at Hawkers, Ide. 1861 census - John Scanes, head, age 55, Butcher, born at Ide, Julia, wife, age 54, born Ide, William H. son, age 20, Cabinet Maker, born at Ide. Thomas, son, age 18, Butcher, born at Ide, Victoria M. daughter, age 15, born at Ide. 1871 census - John Scanes widower, age 65, Pork Butcher, born at Alphington, William, son age 30, unmarried, Gardener, born at Ide, Julia Arbery, daughter, married, age 39, formerly Ladies Maid, born at Newton Abbott, Thomas, son, age 29, unmarried, Butcher, born at Ide, William Arbury, son in law, age 40, Gardener, born at Uffcuton, Alfred Dawe, grandson, age 12, Scholar, born at Ide.  1881 census - John Scanes age 76, widow, Butcher ( Master) born Alphington. son Thomas age 36, unmarried, Butcher born at Ide. daughter Julia Arbery age 50, born at Ide. son in law William Arbery age 49, Market Gardener, born Uffculm. Living at Ide Village, Ide.

John Nicholes Scanes son of John Scanes & Julia Nicholes (above) married Louisa .....?. (information from gravestone inscription). 1861 census - John Scanes, head, age 27, Butcher, born at Ide, Louisa, wife, age 26, born at Ide, Emily, daughter, age 3, Scholar, born at Ide, Julia, daughter, age 2, born at Ide, Caroline, daughter, age 5 months, born at Ide, Ann Milton, Servant, age 15, House Servant, born at Ide.  1871 census - John N Scanes age 37, Pork Butcher, born at Ide. Louisa C wife age 36, born at Ide, Emily, daughter age 13, Scholar, born at Ide, Kate, daughter age 10, Scholar, born at Ide, Louisa, daughter age 7, Scholar, born at Ide, Laura, daughter age 6, Scholar, born at Ide, Edith May, daughter age 4, Scholar, born at Ide, Eliza Freeman, servant, unmarried age 35?, General Servant, born at Bow.  1881 census - John Scanes age 46, Butcher, born Bow, Devon. wife Louisa age 45, born Bow, Devon. daughter Emily age 23, born Bow, Devon. daughter Louisa age 17, born Bow, Devon, daughter Laura age 16, born Bow, Devon, daughter Ellen age 9, scholar, born Bow, Devon, son John age 7, scholar, born Bow, son Frederick age 5, born Bow, Devon. Living at Ide Village, Ide. (I think Bow should read Ide). John and Louisa are both buried at Ide, see Ide gravestone inscriptions

John Scanes married Mary Leader at Ide 25th March 1772. Children John baptised 12th January 1773, Jenny baptised 25th June 1775, Mary baptised 16th July also 1775, both names spelt Skeins, Mary baptised 19th October 1777, Mary was buried 30th May 1779. Henry baptised 21st January 1781, Betty baptised 28th December 1783, Thomas baptised 24th February 1786, buried 2nd July 1788, Thomas baptised 26th January 1789, buried 21st April 1790, William baptised 22nd May 1791, Mary Anne baptised 22nd September 1793. 

1851 census - Henry Scanes age 70, Retired Wheelwright born Ide, his wife Elizabeth age 65, born Southampton, Hampshire, daughter Emily Blakeney age 26, married, Accountants Wife, born Ide, grandson John Blakeney, age 3, born Ide. Living at Smalldridge, Ide. 1861 census - Henry Scanes, head, age 80, retired Wheelwright, born at Ide, Elizabeth, wife, age 75, born at Southampton, Hants, Mary Heard, Boarder, age 77 unmarried, no employment, born at Ide.

1851 census - Samuel T Scanes age 43, Carpenter Employing 2 men, born at Ide. his wife Mary A. age 42, born at Kenton, son John W. age 15, scholar, daughter Mary J. age 6, scholar at home. daughter Ellen age 3, scholar at home. Living at Smalldridge, Ide. 1861 census - Wheelwrights shop, Samuel T Scanes, head, age 52, Builder employing 4 men, born at Ide, Mary A. wife, age 51, born at Kenton, Frances E, daughter, age 21, Dress maker, born at Ide, Mary J. daughter, age 15, Dress maker Apprentice, born at Ide, Ellen, daughter, age 13, Scholar, born at Ide. 1871 census - Samuel T Scanes age 63, Builder, born at Ide. his wife Mary Ann age 62, born at Kenton. 

1851 census - John Scanes age 38, Wheelwright Employing 2 men, born at Ide. his wife Mary A. age 39, born at Ide. son Adrian J. age 12, scholar. son Edmund W. age 8, at home. Lodger Maria Hart age 80, unmarried, Independent, born Hartherleigh. Living at Smalldridge, Ide. 1861 census - Wheelwright Shop, John Scanes, head, age 48, Wheelwright, born at Ide, Mary Ann, wife, age 49, born at Ide, Edmund W. son, age 18, Pupil Teacher, born at Ide.

1871 census - Mary Ann Scanes age 59, widow, born Ide. Living at Ida Cottage, Ide. (widow of John Scanes above.)

Edward Scanes born at Ide 1817 son of William Scanes and Ann Hore. The 1841 census - Lower Town Christow, Bartholomew Moon age 50, Lead Miner. Grace Moon age 40, Louisa Moon age 2, Edward Scanes age 20, Tailor. 1851 census - Edward Scanes age 33, unmarried, Master Tailor, born Ide. Living at Rattle Street, Christow. 1861 census - Lower Village, Edward Scanes, head, unmarried, age 41, Tailor, born at Ide. 1871 census - Fewings Cottage, Edward Scanes, head, age 52, unmarried, Tailor, born at Ide. 1881 census - Edward Scanes age 61, unmarried, Tailor, born Ide. Living at Highter Bennal Cottage, Christow.

John W Scanes son of Samuel Tuck Scanes and Mary Ann Wilcocks, married Emily Radford. 1881 census - John W Scanes age 44, Joiner, born Ide, wife Emily age 36, born Exeter, daughter Eda age 14, born Ide, mother in law Elizabeth Radford age 77, Late Shopkeeper, born Tedburn St Mary. Living at 56 Spiller Street, St Sidwell, Exeter.



William Scanes married Mary Tapp on 7th January 1794

William Scanes married Harriett. Children baptised at Kenn: Harriett bap. 9th January 1833.



Banns read for William Pearce & Isabela Scanes on 11th, 18th & 25th April 1790



Robert Scanes married Susanna Langworthy on 21st August 1774 at Newton St Cyres. Children: Mary bap. 25th June 1779, Thomas bap. 2nd December 1781.

Robert Scanes married Mary Reed on 23rd September 1804 at Newton St Cyres. Children: Thomas Langworthy bap. 3rd March 1805, John bap. 11th January 1807, Elizabeth bap. 19th June 1809, John bap. 23rd June 1811, Mary bap. 13th March 1814, William bap. 19th May 1816, James bap. 15th November 1818, John bap. 13th May 1821, Robert bap. 15th February 1824, Ann bap. 20th July 1828.

James Scanes (son of above) Farm Labourer, married Elizabeth. Children: Robert born 1842, Charles born 1844, Fanny born 1847. 1851 census - James Scanes age 33, Farm Labourer. wife Elizabeth age 35, born Chawley. son Robert age 9, scholar, son Charles age 7, scholar, daughter Fanny age 4. Living at Newton Village, Newton St Cyres, Crediton. 1881 census - James Scanes age 69, Agricultural Labourer, born Newton St Cyres. his wife Elizabeth age 70, born Chawleigh. Living at Langford, Newton St Cyres.

John Scanes (son of Robert Scanes & Mary Reed) Farm Labourer, married Sally. Children John born 1846, Mary born 1848, Charlotte born 1850. 1851 census - John Scanes age 30, Farm Labourer, wife Sally age 29, son John age 5, scholar. daughter Mary age 3, daughter Charlotte age 4 months. Uncle James Scanes age 60, White Smith. Living at Newton Village, Newton St Cyres, Crediton. 2 other children visiting with the Tancock family in Newton St Cyres, Elizabeth born 1842 & Mark born 1844.1851 census - Mark Tancock age 33, Mason. wife Mary age 31, son Matthew age 7, scholar. daughter Mary age 6, scholar. visitor Elizabeth Scanes age 9, visitor Mark Scanes age 7. Living at Newton Village, Newton St Cyres, Crediton.

1881 census - John Scanes age 60, Farmer of 90 Acres, born Newton St Cyres. his wife Sarah age 60, born Newton St Cyres. son Edmund age 22, Farmer, born Newton St Cyres. son Walter age 21, Farmers son, born Newton St Cyres. son Sidney age 20, Carter, born Newton St Cyres. Living at Coombe Farm, Tedburn St Mary.


Katherine Skane married Richard Gaffe on 30th April 1580.

Robert Scane married Elizabeth Luscombe on 12th October 1583.



Christopher Skaines married Johan Reigne on 10th November 1665.

Mary Skanes married Thomas Marshall on 27th March 1681.



Sarah Scains. Children: Mark bap. 14th December 1829.



Elizabeth Scanse married William Snowe on .. ... 1589.



Anthony Scanes married Christian. Children baptised at Sowton: James bap. 7th June 1681, Mary bap. 1st January 1689.



Jamima Scanes married Peter Roberts on 12th June 1800.



Christ. Skane married Thomas Pottle on - June 1578



Anne Skains married Richard Hexter on 26th November 1706, both of this parish.

Christian Skains of Cheriton Bishop, married Francis Crocker als Avery on 4th September 1712

Elizabeth Skains married Henry Underhill of Cheriton Bishop, on 27th May 1712.



Elinor Skanes married William Stock on 19th October 1739.



William Scanes married Anne Elizabeth Trefowne on 22nd January 1821. (see St Thomas)

James Scanes married Mary Arscott Hodge on 6th May 1860.



John Scane married Eleanor. Children baptised at Uffculme: Anne bap. 5th April 1779, Mary bap. 21st July 1782.



Thomas Skane. Children: Dorcas Skane bap. 5th November 1684.

Joane Skanes married William Quicke on 5th November 1694.

Henry Skanes married Agnes Petherick on 23rd June 1711 at Upton Pyne. Children: Elizabeth bap. 24th July 1712, John bap. 18th April 1714, Henry bap. 18th March 1715, Henry bap. 12th February 1717, Joseph bap. 16th October 1720.

Henry Skanes married Margery Clement on 25th August 1742 at Upton Pyne. Children: John bap. 19th December 1742, Elizabeth bap. 31st December 1745, Jane bap. 19th March 1748, William bap. 22nd December 1751, Robert bap. 26th January 1755, Henry bap. 27th November 1757, Mary bap. 15th January 1764.

Henry Skanes married Susannah Holmes on 22nd May 1743.

William Skanes married Mary. Children baptised at Upton Pyne: Jane bap. 27th September 1778, Mary bap. 18th February 1781, Betty bap. 11th July 1784, Nancy bap. 18th February 1787, Catherine bap. 9th June 1793.

William Scanes married Mary Mifling on 1st August 1802.



Elizabeth Skaines married Francis Downe on 18th December 1741.

John Scaines married Jane. Children: Richard bap. 1st February 1778. - of St Thomas


More Scanes on the 1881 census.

3 Grosvenor Market, St George Hanover Square, London. Eliza Wilkins age 48, widow, Charwoman, born Oxford. son Harry Wilkins age 15, Library Porter, born London. daughter Carry Wilkins age 11, scholar, born London. daughter Emily Wilkins age 8, scholar, born London. Lodger Walter Scanes age 43, unmarried, Newsagent, born Exeter.

14 St James Square, East India Club, Westminster, London. there are 55 people listed, all working for the Club or Domestic staff. Alice E Scanes age 18, Still Room Maid (Domestic Servant) born Marylebone, London.

90 Carlisle Street, St Marylebone, London. Edward Scanes age 32, Tinplate Worker, born Surrey. wife Ann Scanes age 29, born Middlesex. son Edward A Scanes age 6, scholar, born Middlesex. son George age 4, scholar, born Middlesex. son William age 2, born Middlesex.

5 Augustus Street, St Pancras, London. Robert Cockburn age 43, Tailer, born Scotland. wife Mary A Cockburn age 49, born Bethnal Green. Lodger John Furck age 21, Tailer, born Exeter. Boarder Philip Niel age 24, Tailer, born Jersey, Channel Islands. Boarder Frederick E Holmes age 22, Coach Maker, born Exeter. Boarder James Scanes age 23, Jeweller, born Exeter. Boarder George Hunt age 27, Baker, born Sandford, Devon.

56 Rosberry Place East Side, Hackney, London. Robert Lynn Barnard widow, age 45, Omnibus Conductor, born Stockwell, Surrey. daughter Gertrude Anne Barnard age 10, born Pentonville. son Thomas Charles Barnard age 3, born Bow. daughter Caroline Mary Barnard age 2 months, born Dalston, Middlesex. visitor Mary Jones age 45, widow, Nurse (Sms), born St Giles, Middlesex. visitor Emily Scines age 29, Formerley Barmaid, born Marylebone. visitor Agnes Jones age 9, born St Pancras. Reginald H Scanes aged 1, born Holloway, Middlesex.

2 Regents Court, Limehouse, London. Henry Scanes age 48, Shipwright, born Beauliu, Hampshire. wife Naomi Scanes age 39, born Bethnal Green. Daughter Ellen E. Scanes age 16, Domestic Servant, born Limehouse. son Charles H. Scanes age 13, Errand Boy, born Limehouse. daughter Elizabeth Scanes age 9, scholar, born Limehouse. daughter Blanche Scanes age 6, scholar, born Limehouse. son Edwin J. Scanes age 2, born Limehouse.

36 Cleveland Street, Mile End Old Town, London. Henry A Young age 40, Clothiers Cutter, born Mile End. wife Emma Young age 40, born Mile End. son Henry Young age 18, Telegraphist, born Mile End. daughter Florence Young age 15, Drapers Assist. born Mile End. daughter Mary A Young age 13, scholar, born Mile End. daughter Emma Young age 10, scholar, born Mile End. son Walter C Young age 6 months, born Mile End. Nurse Mary Collins age 63, Nurse (DS) born Wapping. Edwin C Scanes age 31, Tailor, born Exeter.

6 John Street, Mile End Old Town, London. John Scanes age 33, Shipwright, born Wapping, Middlesex. wife Susanah Scanes age 32, born St Georges, Middlesex. daughter Jane S Scanes age 15, Domestic Servant, born Chadwell, Middlesex. daughter Louisa Scanes age 13, scholar, born Chadwell, Middlesex. son John Scanes age 12, scholar, born Mile End. son Thomas Scanes age 6, scholar, born Mile End. daughter Mary Scanes age 6 days, born Mile End.

92 Hind Street, Poplar, London. Esther Scanes age 42, wife of a Seaman, born Limehouse, Middlesex. brother Frank Beautyman age 32, Iron Shipbuilder, born Limehouse, Middlesex. (Esther Beautyman married Henry Scanes in 1866 at Poplar - information from Maureen Adams)

55 Gough Street, Poplar, London. George Scanes age 33, Shipwright, born Limehouse, Middlesex. wife Frances E Scanes age 32, born Lyndhurst, Hampshire. daughter Edith M Scanes age 9, scholar, born Poplar. son George T Scanes age 7, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Ethel S Scanes age 5, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Agnes F Scanes age 3, born Poplar. daughter Hettee E Scanes age 1, born Poplar. mother Fanny Scanes age 76, widow, Income from House Property, born Boldre, Hampshire.

110 Canton Street, Poplar, London. Maria Scanes age 25, married, born Poplar. visitor Sophia A Scanes age 28, Certified Mistress, born Limehouse.

114 Canton Street, Poplar, London. Henry J Scanes age 40, Shipwright, born Shadwell, Middlesex. wife Margaret Scanes age 38, born City of London. daughter Margaret J Scanes age 14, born St Georges, Middlesex. daughter Annie C Scanes age 12, scholar, born Poplar. son Henry J Scanes age 10, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Mary S Scanes age 8, scholar, born Poplar. son Joseph J Scanes age 5, scholar, born Limehouse. daughter Martha Scanes age 3, scholar, born Limehouse. daughter Hannah M Scanes age 1, born Poplar.

59 Canton Street, Poplar, London. Daniel Scanes age 44 Shipwright, born Beaulieu, Hampshire. wife Maria T Scanes age 41, born St Georges, Middlesex. daughter Maria T Scanes age 17, born St Georges. son Robert H Scanes age 15, Clerk, born St Georges. son Thomas T Scanes age 13, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Kate Scanes age 11, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Charlotte Scanes age 9, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Jane Scanes age 5, scholar, born Poplar. daughter Mary F Scanes age 3, born Poplar. daughter Eleanor Scanes age 3 months, born Poplar.

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